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Brett Rivkind was quoted in the Australian press about the Costa Concordia incident, which has raised many concerns about cruise ship safety. There were more than 25 passengers aboard the Costa Concordia that are from Australia.

The article discusses the increased safety worries due to the increased size of cruise ships. In the case of the Costa Concordia, over 4000 individuals were relying on Captain Francesco Schettino for their safety. What they got was obviously a captain not knowledgeable and experienced enough to have been put in that position of responsibility.

The reports of how the captain handled the situation after he stupidly drove this mega cruise ship into the rocks is shocking. The cruise ship company is saying the captain did not rely accurate information to them. He delayed evacuation of the ship. He hid the truth is what the cruise ship company is saying about their own captain. How can such a captain be competent to handle this huge cruise ship with over 4000 lives being his responsibility?

Carnival cruise line and Costa cruise lines have announced they are reevaluating the procedures of the cruise ships. They obviously need to be examined and actions taken to improve them. The question is why does it take a disaster like this which costs lives for a cruise ship company to come out and admit they need to look at procedures for dealing with emergencies on cruise ships. When the cruise ship industry was deciding to build the mega cruise ships, because they are profitable, that was the time to scrutinize their policies and procedures so that a disaster like the Costa Concordia would not happen.

Brett Rivkind is a maritime attorney helping those harmed at sea for almost 30 years. He has been an invited speaker during congressional hearings addressing cruise ship safety. He was the attorney for the George Smith family, as well as the Dipiero family, the O’Brien family, all cases involving passengers who went overboard during a cruise and were never found.

He was active in helping with the formation of the International Cruise Victims Association, a major victim’s organization comprised of members victimized at sea.

He continues to be a safety advocate for those harmed at sea. He is presently representing passengers who were on the Costa Concordia.

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