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A University of Florida student, Andrew Meyer, was tasered and arrested during a forum for John Kerry on Monday, September 17.

Apparently Meyer asked several questions and when his time was up he was asked to stop taliking because his alotted time was over. When he did not stop speaking his microphone was cut and he became angry over the incident.

While as many as four police officers tried to remove Meyer from the forum, he yelled for help and asked “What did I do?” Minutes after Meyer started speaking, he was Tasered.

University police and going to investigate the incident to make sur ethe use of the taser gun was legitimate. “The police department does have a standard procedure for when they use force, including when they use a Taser. That is what the internal investigation would address — whether the proper procedures were followed, whether the officers acted appropriately.” said university spokesman Steve Orlando.

Meyer was charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace and must appear in court on Tuesday morning.

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