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Rat Poison to Blame for Pet Food Recall

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The wheat gluten used to manufacturer the Menu Foods pet food involved in the recall was from a supplier in China. The wheat gluten was contaminated somehow with rat poison. No one is sure how it got there. The recall was for canned and foil pouch food and involved over 90 brands.

Dr. Clint Chew Jr., the proprietor of Ferry Pass Animal Hospital, said two people have brought animals into his office for liver tests and dozens more have called, worried about their furry friends.

�If you fed your animals the food, you should have comprehensive blood work done,� he said. �And follow up with more tests in five to six weeks.�

He said he has had no confirmed cases of animals that were affected by the food � which contained a rat poison identified as aminopterin.

Veterinarians caution people to really research the food that they give their pets. The pet food has been linked to kidney failure in dogs and cats.