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Florida Personal Injury Law Set to Expire in October

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As October draws near so does the expiration date set for Florida’s No Fault/PIP law. This set of laws dealing with personal injury as it relates to car accidents has been the law in Florida for about 20 years. It requires that all drivers carry insurance for their own personal injury and for other people’s property damage. In the event of an accident, each driver is covered by their own PIP insurance for their injuries regardless of fault. There is a mandatory $10,000 in coverage, which typically comes with a $2,000 deductible. PIP pays 80% of medical bills and 60% of your lost wages within those limits. Also, a person may not sue another person for pain and suffering unless it has been found that they have a permanent injury.

The insurance industry that pushed for this legislation years ago, now wants it repealed. They are losing money and in my opinion, the system and the law is broken. Under this system, the negligent get off Scott free. A drunk driver could run a stop sign and injury someone else but the injured party has to have his insurance coverage pick up the tab? Where is the justice and fairness in that? Our legal system is based on holding those responsible who are responsible. It is our corrupt insurance lobby that created this mess and now they want out. I’d gladly subscribe to a system that requires people to carry insurance in case they hurt others in a motor vehicle accident. This paying for yourself when someone else injures you just doesn’t make any sense.