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Boeing and others Pay 13.55 Mil for Injuries in Helicopter Crash

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Boing and several other defendants combined to pay 13.55 million to two injured military servicemen who sustained serious personal injuries after a helicopter crashed due a defective gearbox. Officers
Juan Beltran and Ron Carns were taking an Apache Longbow out for a test flight when the gearbox failed due to lack of lubrication. The Apache crashed to the ground from 800 feet comprimising both officer’s spinal cords.

Juan Beltran is now a parapalegic and Ron Carns had to have a metal device put in his neck and back. The defendants unsucessfully argued that as Army contractors they were immune from suit. Settlement was reached just before trial and it is the largest known for military personnel injured during the Iraq invasion. Plaintiffs’ counsel

Kevin Boyle of Panish Shea & Boyle stated: “These men are heroes. They gave up everything to serve our country. I’m honored and proud that I was able to serve them.” The defendants were Chadwick Helmuth, Torrance CA (manufacturer of accelerometer), Honeywell (same), Boeing (manufacturer of helicopter), MPB Corp. (manufacturer of bearings), and Aircraft Gear Corp. (manufacturer of gearbox). All defendants contributed to the settlement.