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Alex Sink Address the Sunset of Personal Injury Protection in Florida

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In a letter to the Palm Beach Post, dated August 19th, 2007, the State’s Chief Financial Officer addresses Personal Injury Protection law that is in his mind absolutely going to expire come October 1st. He claims to support the ideals behind PIP, namely that every individual have some kind of coverage in case of an accident regardless of fault and without the necessity of having to file a lawsuit but gives no concrete plan to replace this now battered and admittedly flawed policy. I believe we need to completely review the entire system. Why is it a citizen’s mandated responsibility to pay for insurance for someone else’s negligence? What happened to principles of fairness and justice? We need a system that mandates that people pay for insurance in case they cause harm to others. If someone wants to carry extra coverage for themselves over and above that then fine, by all means, but we shouldn’t be forced to pay for things that someone else “broke.”

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