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Actor Dennis Quaid Sues Drug Maker After Twins Heparin Overdose

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Recently, Dennis Quaid’s new born twins were mistakenly given 1,000 times the normal dose of the blood-thinning medication Heparin while under treatment for a staph infection. The twins have apparently recovered fully but the Quaid’s want Baxter Healthcare Corporation, the maker of Heparin, to fix the packaging so this never happens again and have filed suit to help effectuate that change. Last year three babies died from this same kind of medical malpractice and the Quaid’s who say they aren’t angry and it’s not about the money, really just want to see that this easily preventable form of medical malpractice never happens again.

Children generally are supposed to receive a 10 unit dose of heplock, a diluted version of heparin, but instead the Quaid’s twins and others in the past received a whopping 10,000 units of heparin. The mistake is commonly made because the two bottles share remarkably similar blue labels and a common shape.