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Recommendations for Added Protections to Cruise Line Passengers Issued by FMC

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A press release from the Federal Maritime Commission indicates that a vote was passed to strengthen the protections available to cruise line passengers with respect to customer deposits and prepayments in order to ensure that passengers may obtain refunds when cruises are cancelled.

The Chairman, Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. was quoted: “I’m pleased that after twenty years of debate, we have taken this concrete step toward better protecting consumers while making our regulations fairer. No passenger who has a cruise cancelled should lose his or her deposit or prepayment. The Commission looks forward to input from the public and cruise industry as we shape these updates to our passenger protections.”

The Federal Maritime Commission is a federal agency that is responsible for regulating the nation’s international ocean transportation for the benefit of exporters, importers, and the American consumer.

Our firm has previously had cases where we have looked to the financial responsibility guarantee of cruise line operators that is required by the Federal Maritime Commission in order to satisfy claims for personal injuries in situations where the cruise line operator has filed for bankruptcy.

The full text of the Federal Maritime Commission release can be obtained at: http://www.fmc.gov/cruise_line_passenger_protections_to_be_strengthened_by_fmc/.

Our firm continues to be safety advocates for passengers and crewmembers harmed at sea.