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UK and Philippines Join In Fight for Cruise Ship Legislation

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Following the aftermath of a 24 year old female UK citizen disappearing while working on a Disney cruise line cruise ship, there are movements toward legislation to increase safety aboard cruise ships and increase the authority of the UK to investigate crimes to their citizens that happen on board foreign flag cruise ships in international waters.

Also, the Philippines are considering legislation similar to our legislation passed by President Obama, the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act that was signed into law on July 27, 2010. A representative of the Congress in the Philippines feels there is a need for increased safety laws aboard passenger and cargo ships in order to protect both passengers and crewmembers.

We continue to be cruise ship and boating safety advocates for crewmembers and passengers harmed at sea, including those who are the victims of a sexual assault, as well as family members who have lost loved ones at sea.