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Brett Rivkind

Senator Rockefeller Continues to Push For Cruise Ship Safety Legislation

As I have continually written about, the cruise ship industry has come under scrutiny for all of the different reported sexual assaults, fires, mechanical failures, as well as passengers and crew disappearing during a cruise. Congress again has met, with […]

Brett Rivkind

A Vicious Sexual Assault By A Crewmember On A Passenger Aboard Holland America Cruise Ship

It has been reported that a crewmember from Indonesia violently attacked a passenger aboard the Holland America cruise ship the MS Niew Amsterdam, a passenger ship that departed from Port Everglades on February 9, 2014 for a cruise. The worker’s […]

Brett Rivkind

Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010: Has It Improved Cruise Ship Safety?

With the increasing number of problems occurring on cruise ships, including vessels stranded at sea, fires, and of course the major catastrophe involving the Costa Concordia, the cruise line industry has received greater scrutiny over the recent years from Congress. […]

Brett Rivkind

Man Who Killed Wife on Cruise Ship Sentenced to Life

Robert McGill was arrested in July of 2009 for the murder of his wife during a cruise aboard a Carnival Cruise Lines’ cruise ship. McGill, 57 years of age, pled guilty to second-degree…

Brett Rivkind

Not Guilty! Did the System Work in the Casey Anthony Trial?

At first, you might ask why is the Casey Anthony trial a subject of a blog on my site, which is devoted to discussing issues that are relative to individuals injured and killed at sea? My blog…

Leslie Azzam

Maritime Firm Launches New Website and Blog

The law firm of Rivkind Pedraza & Margulies, maritime personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, are pleased to announce their launch of their new website titled Rivkindlaw. In addition,…

Brett Rivkind

Cruise ships: Bigger The Better?

I have been handling Maritime Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases involving the cruise ships for 28 plus years and have been amazed not only at the increase in the cruise ship business over…

Brett Rivkind

International Cruise Victims Reports Safety Proposals Presented To IMO

The International Maritime Organization is a division of the United Nations which to is responsible for the safety and security of shipping and prevention of Marine pollution by ships. Since…

Brett Rivkind

Introduction To Seaman And Passenger Claims Under Maritime Law

We will be posting blogs about various aspects of maritime, personal injury and wrongful death law. Since we are located in the cruiseship capital of the world, I make reference to claims…