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Evan Rosen

Vioxx Settles for $4.8 Billion

On Friday, Merck Corporation, the makers of the anti-inflammatory drug known as Vioxx, settled 45,000- 50,000 outstanding personal injury lawsuits for it’s defective and deadly medication. The settlement, after thousands of hours of negotiations with attorneys representing family members of deceased or permanently injured patients from every state in the country, totalled $4.8 billion. It’s…

Evan Rosen

Majority of Medical Malpractice Cases Close without Compensation Payments

Contrary to all the hype we hear in the news about a Medical Malpractice crisis, a recent report done by the US Department of Justice found that the majority of medical malpractice cases get resolved without a doctor or insurance company having to pay a dime. In Florida, two-thirds were closed out with a payout of less than $250,000 and only 10% resulted in a payout over one million.For more…

Evan Rosen

Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies, Not Lawsuits Cause High Rates

It seems the Insurance Industry is running out of excuses. They blamed the trial lawyers and so called frivolous lawsuits. They lobbied the legislature to change our “unfair” laws and got those changes passed but after years of change, capping both lawyer fees and pain and suffering damages for injured victims of medical negligence, medical malpractice rates still haven’t gone down. This…