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Brett Rivkind

Can A Floating Home Be Considered a Vessel Under Maritime Law?

There are many types of structures that float on water. Many times an issue arises whether a particular structure is considered a vessel under the maritime law. There are significant consequences…

Brett Rivkind

Cruise Ship Companies Have a Legal Duty to Warn Passengers of Dangers at Different Ports

I’ve been handling maritime cases for approximately 30 years. Over those years, the cruise ship companies have continued to explore different parts of the world to take their passengers,…

Brett Rivkind

Protestors Seek to Prevent Mega Cruise Ship From Entering Venice

Protestors in Venice are trying to ban the large cruise ships from entering in and out of the Venice passage, which is only yards from the city’s famous piazza, San Marco. Critics have…

Brett Rivkind

Seamen Can be Denied Maintenance and Cure for Failure to Disclose Medical Conditions

The right to receive maintenance and cure if you are injured or suffered an illness while in the service of a vessel, as a seaman, is one of the oldest remedies available to seamen. It is an…

Brett Rivkind

Admiralty and Maritime Claims May Be Filed in State Court

Over the years I have experienced many judges and attorneys who are of the belief that an Admiralty or Maritime claim must be filed in Federal Court due to the Federal Court’s Admiralty…

Brett Rivkind

Recreational Boating Fatalities Increased Due to Boating Under the Influence

According to the United States Coast Guard’s report, 2011 Recreational Boating Statistics, which I previously wrote about, recreational boating fatalities jumped last year to the highest…

Brett Rivkind

Theft of an iPhone Makes for Big News

Ok, what is it about the theft of an iPhone that makes news in the New York magazine, as well as in USA today? My daughters have had several iPhones stolen and it didn’t make the…

Brett Rivkind

Arrest May be Imminent in George Smith Disappearance Case

I have previously discussed that my firm represented the parents of George Smith, who disappeared during his honeymoon cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Brilliance of the Seas in…

Brett Rivkind

Cruise Ship Companies Getting Strict About Safety Drill After Costa Concordia Disaster

Cruise ships are finally showing improvements in their safety measures since the Costa Concordia disaster, as can be seen in an article published earlier today in USA today titled “Elderly…

Brett Rivkind

Cruise Ship Law News Update

Some recently interesting developments in the maritime law field.

It was reported that there was a large settlement reached in the case involving a Philadelphia duck boat that was involved…