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Brett Rivkind

Cruise Ship Passenger Case for Injury During FlowRider Simulated Surfing Attraction Dismissed

I have previously reported about the enormous size of cruise ships, and how the cruise ships now have many shipboard activities available, such as rock climbing, zip lines, and other popular…

Jenny Albano

Mayfield Vanilla Classic Ice Cream Recalled Due to Undeclared Pecans

Mayfiled Dairy Farms, in conjunction with the FDA, is recalling Mayfield Classic Ice Cream because of undeclared pecans. Consumers who have an allergy to pecans can incur serious or life-threatening side effects if this product is consumed.The code date is 01/30/09, the Universal Product Code (UPC) number is 75243 20144, and the plant code is 47225. Pecans are not listed as an ingredient on…

Jenny Albano

Man Injured in Ford Rollover Awarded $6 Million

Julian Feilpe was awarded $6 million by a Broward Circuit Court jury after a six-week product liability trial. The 22 year-old suffered serious injuries after a 1993 Ford Aerostar van rolled over five years ago.The jury found that Ford Motor Company, the only defendant, was negligent in putting the Aerostar on the market with a design defect of the roof structure, which caused the roof to…