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Chrissie Cole

Bicyclist Killed On A1A In Fort Lauderdale

A man was struck and killed by a car on A1A in Fort Lauderdale, according to a police department news release.
Daniel Colotte, 59, was riding his bicycle north at the 1100 block of A1A when he…

Evan Rosen

What happens if No-Fault expires on October 1

It seems most likely that come October 1st, Florida’s No-Fault law will expire. What will happen then? Well first of all, drivers will not be required to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance. People will probably wish to up their uninsured motorist coverage at that point and possibly health insurance as well, because Florida still does not have a law requiring people to carry insurance…

Evan Rosen

Personal Injury Case Settles

Our client was involved in an accident when he was broadsided coming through a 4-way stop and suffered substantial injuries which required him to undergo surgery to his lumbar spine and cervical spine. The defendant driver was saying that she was not negligent in driving her vehicle and hence her insurance carrier was denying liability on the claim. Thereafter, depositions were taken of an…

Evan Rosen

Airport Shuttle Bus Accident Kills Two

Two people were killed Sunday night in an airport shuttle accident involving two shuttles at the Fort Lauderdale airport. The head-on crash killed the driver of one shuttle and a passenger on the other. Eight other passengers were sent to the hospital with injuries.Authorities believe one of the victims, bus driver George Pitter, was driving in the eastbound lane with one passenger when a…

Evan Rosen

What to do if you have been involved in accident

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are injured, the first thing to do is to take care of your injuries and call for help.As soon as you can, here are 10 important steps to take.1. Immediately notify the police and call for an ambulance if anyone is injuredOften the 911 operators will call an ambulance for you. 2. Make notes about what happened, gather contact information…

Staff Writer

Ft. Lauderdale to Pay $180,000 in Car Accident Lawsuit

The city of Fort Lauderdale agreed unanimously last week to pay $180,000 to the families of two victims of a 2000 car accident. Teens in a stolen car ran a stop sign while fleeing police. The car crashed into a Kia, killing a 12-year-old passenger. The money will be split between the families of the boy who was killed and the driver of the Kia. The city maintains that the police were not engaged…