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What happens if No-Fault expires on October 1

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It seems most likely that come October 1st, Florida’s No-Fault law will expire. What will happen then? Well first of all, drivers will not be required to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance. People will probably wish to up their uninsured motorist coverage at that point and possibly health insurance as well, because Florida still does not have a law requiring people to carry insurance to cover someone else they may harm in an accident of their doing. Then you have to assume a great number of people will do none of the above and just cut their insurance completely. Those people will still get injured and still seek medical treatment but now without insurance coverage or ability to pay. So private doctors won’t treat them as no one can be expected to work for free as a regular job. Who then is left treating injured people with no ability to pay? County hospitals… They will bear the brunt of the burden, adding to their already increasing number of fiscally unsound and uninsured patients. In the end, doctors get hurt, public hospitals get hurt and the average citizen who get injured in an accident will be affected. More and more, it’s looking like this is how this situation is looking like it going to unfold.

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